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The list of links below include sample articles that would be of the same structure and writing level that we are looking for in the journal. Themes and topics are also similar to the ones that will be published in the Medical Humanities Journal, however we are also looking for creativity–use these samples to gauge whether your piece fits into the right genre rather than focusing on the exact pieces. If you have more questions, email



As noted on our Home page, Medical Humanities is an interdisciplinary field that incorporates multiple different disciplines. The Medical Humanities classes are often broken up by type––biological sciences, social sciences, and humanities––yet the writing produced from these classes often falls in between disciplines. In fact, we encourage overlap and exploration. 



The list of articles above provides examples of the type of writing that we hope to elicit. Some of these pieces include clinical elements, some discuss history or sociological aspects of health, and others explore creative non-fiction. All discuss medical themes and write about a variety of fields.



We encourage creativity and want students to submit any piece they believe might fall under Medical Humanities. Our hope is that this journal allows students to try out new forms of writing and art, and thus we are looking for submissions to employ a wide variety of techniques and styles. Please feel free to try out a form of writing that you may not have had the opportunity to attempt, including interview articles, fiction pieces, and poetry.

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